Conditions générales de vente

Article n° 1

The existing General Terms and Conditions of Sale (GTCS) apply to all products sold through the “Gabducreation” website which are integral part of the contract between the buyer and the seller.The seller reserves the right to modify these at any time with the publication of a new version on its website. The General terms and Conditions of Sales are then the ones in effect at the moment of the order’s payment (in case of payment by installments the first installment is taken as the reference date). The customer confirms he is aware of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, and where required of the Special Conditions of Sale attached to a product or a service, and to accept them without any reserve or restriction. The customer acknowledges he received the necessary advices and information in order to assure the offer and his needs are well-appropriate. The customer states to be either able to legally contract under the French laws, or to be the legitimate representation of the natural or legal entity for which he contracts. Without evidence to the contrary, information registered by the Company are the evidence of the whole trades. 

Article n° 2

Products’ prices on the website are expressed in euros before taxes and precisely determined on the pages describing the products. For any products shipped from outside the European Union and/or French overseas departments and territories, the price is automatically calculated on the bill. In some cases, custom duty, local taxes, import duty or state duty can be due. Those duties and taxes are outside the domain of the seller. They will be consequently at the expense of the buyer and depend of its own responsibility (declaration, payment to the competent authorities…). For this reason, the seller encourage the buyer to enquire on those previous aspects to the corresponding local authorities. Gabducreation reserves the right to modify prices at any time in the future. The telecommunication’s costs needed to access the Gabducreation website are at the expense of the customer. Same rule applies, when required, to the delivery expenses. 

Article n° 3

For proceeding to do the order, the customer should follow a series of steps, which are proper to each product, offered by the seller. Nevertheless, the following steps are mandatory: information on the main characteristics of the product, choice of the product, when required choice of its options and the essential data of the customer (I.D, address..), allowance of the submitted General Terms and Conditions of Sale, verification of the order’s component and if needed, correction of mistakes, instructions’ follow-up for the payment, and payment of the products. Products’ delivery. The customer is going to receive then an email confirmation of the order’s payment and a receipt confirmation of the order as well. He is going to receive a PDF form of the current General Terms and Conditions of Sale. Product are delivered to the address which had been submitted by the customer. For the good proceeding of the order and in accordance with the 1316-1 article of the Civil Code, the customer pledges to give his real identification. The seller reserves the right to refuse any order, for instance for any abnormal order, made with bad faith or any other legit reason. 

Article n° 4

The main characteristics of the goods, services and their respective prices are at the disposal of the buyer on the Gabducreation website. The customer certifies he received in details the delivery expenses, the method of payment and delivery, and the terms of the contract as well. The seller pledges to fulfill the customer’s order only within the limit of available product stock. Failing that, the seller will inform the customer. The contractual information are described in details in French. In accordance with the French law, they are recapped and confirmed during the order’s validation. The two parts agree that illustrations or pictures of the item sold do not have any contractual value. The duration validity of the offers with their prices are stated on the Gabducreation website. For a continued or periodic good or service, the minimal duration of the offered contracts is as well stated on the website. Except specific conditions, the conceded right hereunder are provided only to the natural contract’s signatory (or the owner of the given email address) In accordance with current legal stipulation in terms of compliance and hidden defects, the seller refund or exchange any defective products which does match the order

Article n° 5

Until the payment is totally fulfilled, ownership of the products remains of Gabducreation

Article n° 6

Products are delivered to the shipping address which had been given during the order within the indicated period. This period does not consider the preparation time of the order. In case of behind schedule delivery, the customer should have access to rescind the contract in accordance with the conditions and provisions defined by the L 138-2 article of the Consumption Code (“Code de la Consommation”). The seller should proceed then to the refund of the product and to the “one way” expenses in accordance with the L 138-2 Article of the Consumption Code. The seller makes available a telephonic contact (cost of a local communication from a landline) mentioned in the order’s confirmation email to ensure the follow-up of it. The seller reminds that as soon as the customer takes physical ownership of the product, damaging and loss’s risks are transmitted to him. It is the customer duty to notify any reservation concerning the delivered product to the carrier.

Article n° 7

Orders are treated in the limits of the available stocks or in the limits our suppliers’ ones. If the period of unviability for one article exceeds 7 business days, you should be immediately warned of the predictable new delivery delay and the order can be cancelled on demand. The customer can then ask for assets equal to the article value or its refund. 

Article n° 8

The payment is immediately due at the order, including the pre-order products. The customer can pay with credit card or bank check. Credit cards issued from banks non-domiciled in France must be international bank card (Mastercard or Visa). The online secure payment with credit card is processed by our payment provider. Once the payment launched by the customer, the operation is immediately debited after information’s verification. In accordance with the provisions of the monetary and financial code, the commitment to pay given by card is definitive. By communicating its banking information during the sale, the customer allows the seller to debit his card from the mentioned relative price. The customer confirms he is indeed the legal beneficiary of the card and that he is legally allowed to use it. In case of errors or impossibility to debit the card, the sale is immediately rescinded and the order cancelled. 

"Our general conditions of sale had been based on a free model that can be downloaded on the following website"